A continual search for solutions

MD DARIO s.r.l. was founded in the '70s as a modelling company and started the manufacture of band saws for timber, adapting and developing its products for the processing of many different materials, such as metal, glass, plastics, etc. Over the years the sawing machines have been adapted with a further development to cut marble and granite, using diamond blades or wires, hence entering into the stone cutting and shaping sector.

Continual study and research to find solutions for problems of the customers has brought about the realisation of many innovative accessories that now distinguish the MD DARIO sawing machines from other conventional models.
The company philosophy has always been, besides production in series of the machines, to pay particular attention to design and construction of special machines to order, offering its skills to propose customised and innovative solutions, tailor-made for the specific processing requirements of the customer.

Manual, safe and easy to use

The freedom of movement and the possibility to rotate the machine to any angle permits the realization of cuts and contours with maximum precision and creativity.
From the most simple to the most complex machines, the MD DARIO band saws can meet all requirements, whether used for hobbies or for more complex and special industrial applications.

Taking part at national and international exhibitions the company initially entered the inland market and subsequently decided to offer its products on the European market.
Obtaining excellent consent where it intended to enter and thanks to the success achieved, nowadays MD DARIO operates world-wide, exporting about 70% of the manufactured products.

MD DARIO s.r.l. protects its production and its innovations with patents registered for both the machines constructed and for the optional accessories.